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We are Renewable Devices, a multi-disciplinary team of engineers and designers passionate about the development of clean green renewable energy.

The SWIFT Wind Energy System is our flagship product, and the world’s first building mountable wind turbine with unique patented aerodynamic technologies for unprecedented silent, safe and efficient operation.  The near-silent operation of the Swift turbine can be seen in the video, here ---------->

Suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial application in urban and rural locations, the SWIFT provides an attractive sustainable solution in the unstable energy market, with the added benefit of helping to safeguard the environment for future generations.

With installations worldwide, this award winning design icon has been quietly generating clean energy for homeowners, community groups and commercial customers for over five years.  The SWIFT Wind Energy System will drastically cut carbon emissions, reduce electricity bills and generally make the world a more beautiful place.

On our website you can find out more information about the Swift wind turbine, whether it be about performance, specification or installation.  You can also contact us if you have any specific questions - we are always happy to hear from you, and of course you can buy the Swift wind turbine directly from us - just follow the links above.

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See the Swift turbine in action in this video: