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RD group launches Renewable Devices Charitable Trust

The RD group of companies is proud to announce the creation of Renewable Devices Charitable Trust (RDCT) which will develop and applies the use of locally accessible Renewable energy Technologies in developing countries to help alleviate fuel poverty.  The Trust allows the RD group to continue to deliver it’s prime objective of delivery accessible renewables across the globe.

RDCT has been set up to positively affect the lives of the energy-poor in developing countries by the provision of energy from renewable sources in order to:

- advance environmental improvement through sustainable development; advance education through the implementation of lighting schemes and information computing technology at schools and within local communities;

-  provide relief to poverty through stimulating and assisting local communities; provide relief to poverty through stimulating and assisting local industry to enter the renewable energy sector;

- advance health, including the prevention of sickness, disease and human suffering by the provision    of consistent renewable energy supply needed for vaccine refrigeration, water purification and field medical equipment.

RDCT applies the Renewable Devices group’s many years of experience in the renewable energy sector internationally, helping aid rural electrification and providing remote power worldwide.  The group is internationally acclaimed for its work in developing countries, its designs and its sustainable business strategy.  In 2005 the group won the internationally acclaimed Ashden award for sustainability.  The charity has direct access to these award winning experts who cover all fields of renewable energy and sustainable development including: mobile medical facilities, such as the SEM Mobile birthing unit built by the group in 2005 and now saving lives in Malawi; rural electrification (wind/solar system Dori School, Burkina Faso 2007), biomass (Dumfries Community hospital 2008), wind (Developed and manufacture SWIFT wind turbines worldwide since 2002), hydro (pico hydro projects across Sri Lanka) and solar technologies (Developing low cost solar thermal in association with Anglian Windows, MCS accredited installers of PV systems).

Since July 2010, RDCT has been based in Bangalore, India.  RDCT’s initial charitable activities will be in three distinct phases:

The First Phase, which is already underway in India  (with the benefit of financial and technical support from Renewable Devices Swift Turbines Ltd) will last 6 months and will include technology testing of renewable energy equipment in India which will be used to deliver remote renewable power systems. This will include a number of pilot schemes to test suitable technology, logistics and costings – the first pilot scheme will be the provision of a solar and wind system to provide energy for lighting to a “slum school” in Bangalore and this is currently underway.

The Second Phase, (which will be funded by donations from UK companies seeking to support renewable projects in developing countries), will entail a sequence of demonstration schemes to be installed over a period of 6-12 months – progressively proving the remote renewable power systems approach through delivery in a number of communities of locally sourced sustainable, micro-generation renewable energy solutions aimed at delivering RDCT’s charitable purposes.  Each scheme will showcase the use of the renewable energy technology and the local industry used to manufacture the equipment.  Each scheme in this Second Phase will use the renewable energy generated on site to deliver tangible health and education benefits to the local communities.

In the Third Phase, RDCT will work closely with local renewable energy equipment manufacturers in India to deliver locally-sourced remote power systems based on micro-generation renewable energy established in the Second Phase, together with the provision of vaccine fridges and medical sterilisation equipment to remote locations in India to alleviate suffering from disease and infant mortality, and to provide the energy necessary for the advancement of eduction.

The Board of Trustees includes the founders of the RD group, Dr Dave Anderson and Dr Charlie Silverton, as well as Will Howell, who is currently in Bangalore managing the charities initial projects, which will deliver renewable energy to the fuel poor through the provision of wind and solar energy to deprived schools in the area.

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