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MCS Update March 2011

We want to let you know where we are with regards to MCS Product Certification of the Swift Wind Energy System. Previously we have been listed as a transitional product (Transitional number: 433). To be a part of this list we had to complete the first two phases of the transitional arrangements to show that we were committed to the scheme. You will find us listed here. You may also notice that we were one of only a few fully committed to the 3 phases!

* Phase 1: Contracted to a third party testing/certification body – Completed!
* Phase 2: Self certify the performance, safety and function and – Completed!
* Phase 3: Complete certification through the third party testing/certification body – In progress!
o MCS 006
o MCS 010
o MCS 011
o BWEA 29th Feb 20084

However as of 31st December 2010 the transitional list was removed/hidden from the consumer and the MCS website only listed fully certified wind turbines. Reasons for doing this can be found here. So how does this affect Swift, you as an Installer and essentially the end user?

Due to our commitment to the scheme we have up until the 30th June 2011 to become fully certified. Swift is still eligible for FiT’s! Our turbine has been under tests for 5 months and preliminary results are looking excellent, we are well on track to complete before the deadline.

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