about Renewable Devices

Renewable Devices Lts is part of the Renewables Devices group of engineering companies.  We are a multi-disciplinary team of talented engineers, passionate about the design of innovative and sustainable renewable energy technologies.  Through our companies and the work of our charity, Renewable Devices Charitable Trust, we have designed, manufactured and offered expert advise on sustainable engineering design and renewable energy technologies throughout the world for over 16 years.

Our team of engineers work across the full scope of mechanical and electrical design, and have been awarded an array of international awards for the design quality, beauty and environmental sustainability of our products.  With a vast experience in renewable energy projects, our core team have been working together for over 16 years, and are committed to providing large scale and accessible renewable energy technology.  Since our inception in 2002, our projects have significantly reduced global CO2 emissions, making a positive environmental impact across the UK, Europe, North America, Asia, Africa and Australasia.

The Swift Wind Turbine brings together world class innovation and our proven engineering track record in renewable energy product development, to deliver the world's lowest cost and most environmentally sensitive wind energy.


Renewable Devices was born when the Directors began work together to provide accessible renewable energy by developing a revolutionary design of wind turbine, along with providing engineering design consultacy to private and public sectors.

Dr Dave Anderson a Chartered design engineer with a lifetime of experience as an engineer and project manager in the Scottish energy industry.  As a Director in a number of engineering companies he is one of Scotlands most acomplished renewable energy engineers .

Dr Charlie Silverton an engineer with experience in both academia and industry since 1995 he is experienced in design engineering, energy forecasting and European projects for sustainability in renewable energy. 

The Swift, unlike any other, was designed to draw energy from the turbulent winds experienced in the urban environment. With new and unique aerodynamic technology making operation virtually inaudible, the system was the first to be suitable for rooftop application.


We are Renewable Devices; engineers, designers,  commercial specialists, energy experts and environmentalists.

With arguably the best engineering talent in the world, production, sales and consultancy teams with dedicated renewable energy expertise, we provide a superior level of service unmatched within the renewable energy industry.

Our mission is to provide sustainable manufacturing and accessible renewable energy. Through  the development of sustainable products and accessible renewable technology, we are making a signifcant contribution to climate change.



2003 SRF Green Energy Award

2003 SMART Award for Innovative R & D

2003 Green Energy Award – Best New Business

2004 SPUR Technology Award

2005 Ashden Award for Sustainable Development

2005 Midlothian Chamber of Commerce

2006 Observer Ethical Award

2008 Green Energy Award – Best Renewable Project

2008 Design Week Award for Product

2008 International Design Award  Product Design

2009 Green Energy Award – Best Community Initiative



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