Renewable Devices Charitable Trust Ltd uses renewable technologies to enrich the lives of the energy poor, using the many years of experience gained in Renewable Devices’commercial business in the energy markets.

Renewable Devices Green Growth programmes advance environment, education, health and relief of poverty through stimulating and assisting rural communities to enter the renewable energy industry.  Green Growth is delivered through Renewable Devices Charitable Trust, a member of the Renewable Devices Group.

Renewable Devices is internationally acclaimed for its work in developing countries, its designs and sustainable business strategy.

In 2005 Prince Charles presented Renewable Devices the Ashden award for sustainability in recognition for its Green Growth programs since 2002.  Following successful programs in Malawi, India and the UK Renewable Devices Charitable Trust was formed.

Green Growth Industry: advance sustainable development and provide a relief of poverty through stimulating and assisting local industry to enter the renewable energy sector.

Green Growth Environment: advance environmental improvement through the use of practical renewable energy technology and energy efficiency.

Green Growth Education: advance education through training, provision of infrastructure and support to enable individuals and businesses to access the renewable energy industry in rural communities.

Green Growth Health: advance health, including the prevention of sickness, disease and human suffering by providing the consistent energy supply needed for refrigeration, water purification and field medical equipment.

Green Growth  has direct access to experts with a wide range of practical experience in renewable energy projects and sustainable development including:

Green growth Malawi:

  • Developed the Mobile medical facilities and Birthing units
  • Delivered manufacturing package/training for local manufacturer
  • Transfer ownership of the technology to local businesses
  • Supporting local production in Malawi.

Green Growth Scotland:

  • Design and locally manufacture wind and hydro turbines in since 2002.
  • 10 years of Renewable energy projects for rural communities across Scotland.
  • Delivered large scale Government projects using local infrastructure
  • Creating and assisting  local companies to enter the renewable energy industry
  • Training engineers in renewable energy and sustainable businesses.

Green Growth Bangalore:

  • Energy Efficiency & solar lighting – Basettihalli Community
  • Biomass Energy project – SOS Children’s Village in Bangalore
  • Home lighting project – Averegere Colony in Ramanagaram District

Green Growth Assistance

  • Dori School, Burkina Faso 2007
  • Technical engineering support Haiti 2009
  • Medical training support Haiti earthquake 2010

Green Growth Nepal:

  • To establish locally owned businesses to deliver renewable energy projects
  • To provide training, product development, technical assistance, supply chain management, funding
  • To provide necessary support to incubate and grow local businesses using sustainable business models.
  • To assists local infrastructure and develop expertise in rural communities
  • To practically deliver and maintain renewable energy systems.
  • To develop renewable energy projects increasing the benefit to the community.
  • To address local economic issues, and provides the support necessary for the energy project to succeed.
  • To reduce the cost of renewable energy making it accessible across additional sectors of community.

Nepal has a large unexploited renewable energy resource. With critical deforestation in rural areas and the need to import fossil fuels, energy has become a major political issue in Nepal.  The Rural Energy Policy (2006) and the National Electricity Crisis Resolution Action Plan promote the use of renewable energy technologies to exploit the vast hydro, solar and wind resource of the country.  Renewable Devices’ Green Growth Nepal will assists local infrastructure and develop expertise in rural communities to practically deliver and maintain renewable energy systems.

Green Growth India provides the basics for education and development around the local  Bangalore area.

In rural regions of Southern India the national energy infrastructure only provides electricity for a few hours each day, leading to failing water pumps and clean water for drinking and cooking becoming unavailable for much of the time. Many schools cannot operate effectively when their lighting systems fail, and the teaching of information technologies or science, which often provide a route out of poverty in India, is simply not available in these schools without their own off-grid energy supply. In these situations the Trust will provide sustainable renewable power in the form of solar or wind energy, where it is needed most. Another issue for many is the fuel for cooking, as it is expensive for families as well as damaging to the environment, yet populaAveregere Colonytion growth has caused domestic organic waste to become a hazard across the region. The Trust will provide the technology and develop the infrastructure to process this waste to generate gas for cooking. One of our Trustees, Will Howell, has been based in Bangalore since July 2010 and has now completed his research into suitable renewable technology solutions, primarily based on discussions and research directly with the end users. We aim to implement these solutions based on direct local knowledge and collaborating with local businesses to ensure the sustainability of the projects and the communities they support.

Green Growth India projects :

  • Basettihalli Community School: installation of solar lighting and low energy computing equipment
  • Averegere Colony: Solar lighting and a consistent water supply to improve the quality of life
  • SOS Children’s Village orphanage: biogas generation system which will turn waste to fuel
  • Lakshmipura Organic Farming Training Centre: installation of solar water supply and irrigation system

The procurement, installation and administration of all four of these projects use sustainable and locally sourced renewable energy products to help fund this important work. RD Charitable Trust has made a commitment to continue using its wealth of energy experience for these and ongoing Greeen Growth projects.

These four projChildren of Averegere Colonyects are just the first of many RD Charitable Trust will develop. We aim to provide solutions that have an immediate environmental and social impact, but that are also low in maintenance costs and will provide a long term sustainable solution to local communities they support. It is all too easy for NGO’s to install new technologies in developing countries to highlight and promote their specific products or to generate publicity, but at RD Charitable Trust we hope we can make a real difference over the long term to these people and their communities – we feel this is a universal requirement across the developing world. Your support really will make a difference. With your assistance, we can provide a simple solar light, a new fuel for cooking or a reliable water supply, enabling us to make people’s lives better on a social and environmental level.

For further information on our work or to offer your support, please contact