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RD Energy Solutions offers bespoke service packages to our clients from energy management services to feasibility studies, design, procurement, installation and commissioning for a range of renewable technologies.

Unlike many companies, we provide independent, impartial renewable energy advice to our clients, recommending the technology best matched to our clients natural resource, budget and preferences.

We provide renewable energy services in Scotland and around the UK for a range of clients, see our Case Studies page for examples of past projects.

We provide the following services for:

existing buildings

  • Feasibility studies: analysis of site resource and identification of viable renewable energy generation options
  • Turn key design, procurement, installation & maintenance

new buildings

  • Renewable energy feasibility studies
  • Funding, grant options and advice
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Turn key design, procurement, installation & maintenance
  • Due diligence

land or community developments

  • Resource assessment and feasibility studies
  • Funding and grant options and advice
  • Turn key design, procurement, installation & maintenance


  • Site finding/ preliminary assessment (wind, hydro, solar, biomass, marine)
  • Project due diligence (technical, financial, contractual)
  • Technology due diligence (technical viability, market, risks)

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Commercial Clients – Lower Carbon Footprint with Renewable Energy

renewable energy finance

RDES offers a complete renewable energy package for commercial clients. Our services cover all technologies and scales from initial system selection through to design and installation. We also offer energy efficiency surveys, energy performance certificates and due diligence.

Opportunities available to small to large businesses:

  • Free Carbon survey from Carbon Trust for companies with bills over £50,000 a year, RDES can provide free carbon surveys under the Carbon Trust scheme to help businesses save money and carbon emissions.
  • Small and medium sized enterprise (SME), private sector landlords, not-for-profit organisations and charities can apply for a 0% fixed rate business loan of up to £100,000. This scheme is funded by the Scottish government and covers a range of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy technologies.
  • Large Businesses that use >6,000MWh per annum (equivalent to £500k) are required to take action to improve the energy efficiency of their businesses in accordance with the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) energy efficiency scheme introduced in April 2010. RDES offers advice, renewable options analysis and our full range of  services to help large businesses manage their CRC obligations most effectively.

To learn more about what RDES has done with small to large scale businesses see our Case studies section or contact us for more information.

Developers - Incorporate Renewable Technologies to Zero Carbon Homes

renewable energy installer

RDES works with building developers, building service engineers and architects on domestic, municipal and commercial projects from initial design through planning to construction and operation.

We have extensive experience integrating micro to large scale renewable energy systems into new build developments and can assist in the construction of property in line with the Government’s targets on zero-carbon homes. We also advise on the most suitable technologies to provide maximum benefit to the developer and occupier.

We have carried out many Energy Performance Certification (EPC) assessments and energy efficiency surveys. To find out more see our Case studies section or contact us for more information.

Public Sector - Meet CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme Requirements

Renewables Public sector

RDES has worked extensively with the public sector providing Energy Performance Certificates as required by government legislation and energy management programmes to help reach their carbon reduction targets as required by the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) energy efficiency scheme.

RDES has also completed large scale installations including a 1.5MW biomass installation at Dumfries and Galloway Royal infirmary for which it was a finalist for Best Renewable Project award in 2008 and the first 100kW Northwind turbine in the UK at Girvan hospital.

To learn more about the work RDES has done for the public sector see our Case studies section or contact us for more information.

Community Organisations - Generate Funds for Community Projects

Community Wind Turbine

Community groups and organisations are becoming increasingly pro-active towards creating low or zero carbon communities. Support and advice are available to community groups along with numerous funding opportunities, for example:

  • Communities and renewable energy scheme (CARES) from Community Energy Scotland
  • Scottish Power Energy People Trust
  • Big Lottery fund
  • Community Energy Saving Programme (energy efficiency)
  • EDF Green Energy Fund

Community groups can benefit from renewable energy installations in several ways by reducing energy consumption in public buildings to save money and carbon emissions, by generating income for investment into community initiatives and by reducing dependency on fossil fuels, thereby providing fuel security for the community. In addition, they can enjoy the experience of working together to become a greener community.

RDES has worked with several community groups to date, see our Case studies section or contact us for more information.

Landowners - Generate Income from Natural Resources

Renewable energy landowners

Landowners and farmers can profit from the natural resources available on site by installing renewable technologies such as wind or hydro turbines, biomass systems or solar panels. RDES offers a range of services to landowners from initial feasibility and resource assessment through to detailed business case, costing, design and installation. As part of the planning and development process, we manage Controlled Activities Regulation (CAR) licensing and Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA).

Farmers and landowners trading from their land are eligible for business loans and have access to a greater range of funding opportunities; however, all landowners can enjoy the benefits of land and resource availability and can consider options such as producing biomass crops or utilising farm waste to produce energy.

Contact us for more information or see our Case studies section for examples of landowner projects we have worked on in the past.

Renewable Developers - Expand Renewables Portfolio

Wind Turbines installers

RDES offers a range of services to renewable developers on evaluating the suitability and profitability of renewable energy sites and technologies. Our expertise covers many technologies including small and large scale wind, hydro, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, anaerobic digestion, biomass, combined heat and power and heat pumps.

Our services include:

  • Optimum site identification
  • Technology market research
  • Strategy and market forecasting
  • Initial and detailed feasibility studies
  • Comparative studies
  • Financial analysis

For specific sites RDES can offer:

  • Multi-technology feasibility studies
  • Resource assessment
  • System design and installation
  • Project development and management
  • Operation and maintenance
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Due diligence

Contact us for advice or view our Case studies section for details of past clients.

Homeowners - Generate Electricity, Heat & Money with Renewables

renewables home

Whilst RDES is predominantly geared for commercial customers, we are able to undertake larger scale domestic projects. We can help homeowners benefit from the installation of renewable energy systems in their homes to generate heat and/or electricity and to earn an income from the Feed in Tariff (FiT) and the Renewable Heat Incentive schemes. Money is saved by utilising energy on site thereby reducing energy bills and carbon emissions.

RDES can provide Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) assessments and energy management services to homeowners to help reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and energy bills. We also offer feasibility and detailed design services to homeowners who wish to investigate suitable renewable technologies for their homes.

Contact us for more information.