The Sustainable Energy Module (SEM) is a renewable energy generation centre for humanitarian use in developing countries.

RD Remote Power unit
Providing power to remote areas is a priority for local communities, government infrastructures and communications to provide for and sustain growth. To address this need RD Remote Power has developed a series of power units that deliver high quality electrical energy to remote areas without the need of regular diesel or fossil fuel deliveries. The systems also run silently, allowing power at night when diesel generators are just too noisy.
We currently work with mobile telecoms and remote monitoring companies across the world, saving these multinational companies fuel delivery charges and providing reliable power. We are however MOST proud of our remote hospital units:
So far our remote power units have catered for over 400 births and prevented innumerable illnesses to people in remote areas of Malawi due to the vaccine fridges inside the module.

We are currently looking for partners to further promote the technology for communications and hospital units; we will happily assist in grant application for projects in developing countries. Please contact us if you are interested.

SEM Case Study