Swift exhibitionfeed in tariff uk

technical specification

Turbine Type Upwind Horizontal Axis with Acoustic Diffuser Ring
Rotor Radius 1.0m / 1.04m Diffuser
Swept Area 3.4m2
Nacelle Weight 37kg (52kg including rotor assembly)
Start-Up Speed 3.4m/s
Rated wind Speed 12m/s
Rated Power Output 1.5kW
RPM at rated Wind speed 450 RPM
Generator Permanent Magnet
Governing type Angle furling/Dynamic brake
Governing wind speed 14m/s
Shut-down Mechanism Dynamic Brake
Control Included Yes
Grid tie version Standard Product (include inverter)
Electrical network viability 50Hz/60Hz 220V/230V US, UK & Europe
Battery charging version Available on demand
Hot Water System Available on demand
Phase configuration Single
Mounting system available 4 mounting systems available
Acoustic Emissions <35dB [A] [CE Certified BS EN 61400]
Product Life 20 year design life
Turbine Class BS EN 61400 Class 2
Warranty 2 year manufacturers warranty (return to base)

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